The NAGR Lied to Us

STSA supports selling the 2nd Amendment with the truth, the following incident describes what the National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR) did which is shameful:   But some Second Amendment advocates think the group’s main claim to fame is stoking the fears of the less-informed for-profit. Last month, the group’s affiliate in Mississippi, as labeled […] calls us “gun freaks”

I expect anti-gun editorials like Armed for a political gun fight, but I don’t expect to be personally attacked. Dan K. Thomasson, “a McClatchy-Tribune columnist and former vice president of Scripps Howard Newspapers.” writes this: It may be the longest, hottest summer in some time for the gun freaks, mainly the National Rifle Association, […]

John Stewart Bodyguards Meme

John Stewart makes a good living as a “comedian”, $25 million a year. Jon Stewart went after Sarah Palin and the NRA on Tuesday night for projecting incredible paranoia about a supposed war against them by the rest of the country, responding not with a desire for more electable candidates but with “lock and load, […]

Lies of Omission from Gun Haters

Sometimes a lie is in the details.   On February 24th, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes was joined by HBO’s Jon Frankel to report that the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) fight to allow “young kids to access guns.” To make this case, Hayes opened the segment by focusing on the NRA’s failed […]

72-year-old loves semi-automatics

She may be old, but she loves to shoot politically incorrect weapons as you can see here. Fairfax, VA – ( Meet Elaine: She’s a 72-year-old widow who is ready and able to protect her family at a moment’s notice. Her choice for self-defense: a semi-automatic rifle. “I would hope that if there’s bad guys there […]

Facts about the Great American Outdoor Show

  The Great American Outdoor Show, sponsored by the National Rifle Association, runs Feb. 1 -9 at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex, 2301 N. Cameron St., Harrisburg. The show showcases more than 1,000 vendors in the fishing, hunting, trapping and outdoor sports world. In addition, a lineup of concerts, guest speakers, demonstrations and family events […]

Weisser Thinks MAIG & MDA will become stronger than ‘gun lobby’

Mike Weisser is a double-agent and a deadbeat who owes money to AmmoLand, he makes a living selling and training people how to use guns while demonizing them in his own blog and at The Huffington Post. Why has his Lifetime NRA membership not been revoked is beyond me, perhaps my brothers in arms like […]