Lies of Omission from Gun Haters

Sometimes a lie is in the details.   On February 24th, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes was joined by HBO’s Jon Frankel to report that the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) fight to allow “young kids to access guns.” To make this case, Hayes opened the segment by focusing on the NRA’s failed […]

72-year-old loves semi-automatics

She may be old, but she loves to shoot politically incorrect weapons as you can see here. Fairfax, VA – ( Meet Elaine: She’s a 72-year-old widow who is ready and able to protect her family at a moment’s notice. Her choice for self-defense: a semi-automatic rifle. “I would hope that if there’s bad guys there […]

Facts about the Great American Outdoor Show

  The Great American Outdoor Show, sponsored by the National Rifle Association, runs Feb. 1 -9 at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex, 2301 N. Cameron St., Harrisburg. The show showcases more than 1,000 vendors in the fishing, hunting, trapping and outdoor sports world. In addition, a lineup of concerts, guest speakers, demonstrations and family events […]

Weisser Thinks MAIG & MDA will become stronger than ‘gun lobby’

Mike Weisser is a double-agent and a deadbeat who owes money to AmmoLand, he makes a living selling and training people how to use guns while demonizing them in his own blog and at The Huffington Post. Why has his Lifetime NRA membership not been revoked is beyond me, perhaps my brothers in arms like […]

Mother Jones upset that NRA tweets about gun owned by marauder.

The NRA’s National Firearms Museum has everything from Dirty Harry’s Smith & Wesson to the guns of Annie Oakley, but apparently, it’s not OK that the “…the NRA tweeted about yesterday, is an elephant rifle that belonged to Henry Morton Stanley, the 19th-century British American journalist and “explorer” who marauded through east, southern, and central […]

NRA challenges MA’s ‘slow-walking gun license approval’

In Massachusetts, they’re supposed to approve your gun license in 40 days, but they’re taking much longer than that. A National Rifle Association affiliate says Massachusetts is “abusing” law-abiding citizens by delaying the issuance of firearm licenses beyond the time frame outlined by state law. … GOAL Executive Director Jim Wallace said the average time […]

Under 21? U.S Argues No Guns for You.

At 18 you’re old enough to vote, old enough to buy property, join the military (17 with parental consent), engage in sex, but you can’t buy beer, can’t buy tobacco in some States, and according to Obama’s inJustice Department, can be denied access to guns. The Obama administration, urging the Supreme Court to bypass a […]

NRA fights Bloomberg-Backed McAuliffe.

  The battle for freedom is heating up in Virginia: Bloomberg, an advocate for tougher gun control laws, is spending $1.1 million on anti-Cuccinelli ads that brand him as “too extreme,” adding to a crowded television rotation that is packed with political messages. At the same time, environmentalist Tom Steyer’s NextGen Climate Action has spent […]

Latinos: Less Guns, More Crime.

Latinos are an important group we need to reach for the preservation of the 2nd Amendment, the enemy already has their sights on them since they’re more likely to support gun control. However, as one enemy (the Violence Policy Center) inadvertently pointed out, less guns among Latinos means more crime in that community. “Hispanics own […]