Biden’s Boy pushes Gun Ban.

  Like father, like son, Beau Biden is following in his daddy’s gun-banning footsteps. Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden is urging the state Senate to reconsider a bill that would ban individuals deemed a threat by mental health professionals from owning guns. The bill, which failed to pass earlier in the year, would require mental […]

State Trooper Banned From Having A Gun While Off Duty

The State trusts the trooper with a gun during the day, but when he punchs out, “sorry officer, no gun for you.” —— State Trooper Michael L. Keyes can carry a gun while on duty. When off duty, however, he is barred by law from possessing any firearms. Keyes being banned from firearms off duty […]

ThinkPolice State: 4 Ways ThinkProgress Hates America.

Do you believe in the Second Amendment, the Fourth Amendment, innocent until proven guilty? Then ThinkProgress’ Four Ways Some States Can’t Keep Guns From Those With A History Of Violence is gonna make you made: Police must return the guns they seize from those who are deemed dangerous, violent, or delusional. In many states, police […]