Conservatives have reason to hate Common Core.

I haven’t paid much attention to the common core debate, liberals hate it, but now conservatives also have reason to hate it: Do the Common Core State Standards promote an anti-gun agenda? That’s what the Tennessee Firearms Association apparently thinks.   The nonprofit pro-gun group sent out an email last week calling for legislators to […]

Why a Database for the Mentally Insane Won’t Work.

The Atlantic has made the following point: “How many more copycats are waiting in the wings for their moment of fame….? How can we possibly even guess how many, given our nation’s refusal to create an active national database of the mentally ill?” National Rifle Association president Wayne LaPierre asked in December, following the Newtown […]

Cool New Pro-Gun Laws in Texas.

Like Colion Noir wrote, Texas may not have an open carry law (Tennessee does) but they do have some cool new laws. SB 1907 prohibits public and private colleges and universities from banning the possession, transportation and storage of lawfully-owned firearms and ammunition in private motor vehicles by students and visitors with Concealed Handgun Licenses […]

Unarmed Slate Writer Thinks Top Shot Can Help Liberals Understand Gun Culture.

I’m not an huge fan of Top Shot, the marksmanship is nice, but it has zero politics, zero drama, and it never mentions why owning guns is a good thing. “For people like me, who neither own a gun nor know very many people who do, the show helps counteract some of the most extreme, […]

Obama Threatens More Executive Orders.

Obama told a group of liberal mayors that he’s gonna get his way one way or another: “vowed to continue doing everything in his power to combat gun violence through executive action and to press Congress to pass common-sense reforms like expanding the background check system and cracking down on gun trafficking,” the White House said in a statement. The administration […]

Forbes Defends Gun Mazines.

Not long ago some liberal wrote “‘Guns Are for White People.’ He came to this conclusion because he “asked the guy at the subway kiosk for as many gun magazines as he could give me before the #4 train pulled in.” However long that was, it resulted in Wilkinson acquiring three gun magazines. Flipping through […]

11 lessons from Elysium movie.

Elysium was made by one of those bleeding-hearts with an agenda, however, I think he did a bad job, the film was entertaining even though I wish it could have been rated R so they can actually show violence instead of giving the camera a handjob. Either way, here are the lessons I learned. 1. […]