Media Matters Attacks R. Lee Ermey Over Cripple Remark.

Poor Media Matters, they’ve never done anything honorable in their lives thus they envy those who do.

National Rifle Association board member R. Lee Ermey, best known for his drill sergeant role in the film Full Metal Jacket, claimed that “nowadays lazy is our new cripple” to attack recipients of public assistance during an NRA News special celebrating Veterans Day.


The November 11 holiday honored individuals who served in the United States Armed Forces. As Think Progress notes, “there are roughly 5.5 million disabled American vets and over 3 million receiving disability compensation.”

Ermey used the word “cripple” — a derogatory term for a person with a disability — several times while describing how his new book Gunny’s Rules: How to Get Squared Away Like a Marine “tells you how to take command of your life, get off welfare, unemployment, food stamps and regain a little bit of your self-respect”:


ERMEY: I’ve got a new book that just came out, it’s out right now, you can get it on the Internet or you can pick it up at just about any bookshop. It’s called Gunny’s Rules and basically it tells you how to take command of your life, get off welfare, unemployment, food stamps, and regain a little bit of your self-respect.

You know, those things are like quicksand. Once you get in there, it’s real difficult to get back off of it. Welfare back in my time, back when I was a kid, I remember my parents voting for welfare and it was sold to us — like cripples, we got to look after our crippled people in this country. Crippled, those that can’t work, and I guess nowadays lazy is our new cripple.


For your information, Media Matters, R. Lee Ermey is an American hero, he was a drill sergeant in real life.

5. R. Lee Ermey had been a real-life Parris Island Marine drill sergeant during the war. He’d acted in other Vietnam films, including “The Boys in Company C” (where he played his first drill sergeant role) and “Apocalypse Now.” Kubrick had hired him as a technical adviser, but Ermey wanted to play Hartman, the Parris Island drill sergeant who dominates the first half of the movie. So he made an audition reel in which he generated a spontaneous stream of foul-mouthed insults directed at a group of extras — all while having oranges and tennis balls thrown at him — that ran for 15 minutes. That got him the job.

He’s the embodiment of the “break you down to build you up” methods of the Marines, you know, that military group that has the toughest and longest basic training. He is loved by millions, including many of those he trained who went on to have great careers in the military.

During his November 11 appearance on the NRA News show Cam & Company, Ermey also suggested that the United States is on the path to communism and said, “I am very disgusted and disappointed with the way this world’s — with the way this country has changed over the 70 years of my life.”

He’s exactly right. I’m not a hardcore conservative like Mr. Ermey, my love of guns only makes me sound that way sometimes, but I’m a huge anti-communist and what we’re seeing today is coded communism. Instead of “proletariat,” we hear “99%,” instead of bourgeoisie, we hear “fair share.” Folks, you only need to read We The Living to recognize the signs. Rand wrote that book in 1936 yet it’s extremely current.