95% of New Zealand Guns Are Untraceable

Sometimes anti-gunners admit the truth. In this opinion piece, the editor admits gun control does not work. The guns that criminals possess can be divided into three categories, namely, standard types of rifles and shotguns, pistols, and military style semi-automatic firearms (MSSAs) which possess magazines that can hold in excess of seven cartridges. The British […]

NJ.com Poll: Should Christie defend N.J. gun laws?

The “no’s” are winning for now, you can vote here. TRENTON — Gov. Chris Christie did not defend two of New Jersey’s tough gun-control laws in a big case decided this week by a state appeals court. Christie administration officials have not said why they sat out the case. The Republican governor previously has expressed […]

The Dangers of Flashing your Gun

I wonder if the cops would have been called if she had flashed a baseball bat? Frankly, I think it was an overreaction, even though I’m not the type of guy that flashes his guns. A Missoula woman has been arrested after authorities said she brandished a gun at her downstairs neighbors, who were celebrating […]

Christie Signs Anti-Gun Bills.

The media says the bills target gun violence, but that’s BS. They only target law-abiding gun owners that haven’t done anything. “Gov. Christie signed 10 bills Thursday targeting gun violence in New Jersey, including measures requiring that certain mental-health records be submitted to the federal background-check database and increasing penalties for gun trafficking. ….. The […]