Trevor Noah: Terrorist Free Zones

  When Trevor Noah attacked the ice cream shop owner that posted a sign with the words “Muslims Get Out,” he had this to say. “… what’s also strange is this man genuinely thought people who go around blowing people up would be stopped by a sign? You realize you’re talking to terrorists, not vampires. […]

Gun-Free Zones Don’t Keep Guns Away

A lot of movie theater chains have posted that odious “Gun-Free Zone” sign outside. As you can see here, it didn’t stop a patron from pulling out his gun recklessly. Police in Kentucky are recommending charges against an Illinois man accused of pulling a gun out at a movie theater. It happened at the Cinemark […]

Massachusetts: GOAL fights Gun-Free Zones

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Gun Owners Action League of Massachusetts announced Wednesday that it filed new legislation to address the dangers of gun-free zones. The group’s executive director, Jim Wallace, says gun-free zones have become “no-defense” zones, and therefore have become targets for terrorists and murders. The legislation was filed on the group’s […]

‘Gun-Free Zones’ are Murder Magnets.

Another brilliant quote from Larry Pratt: “Every one of our mass murders in our country has occurred in places where guns are prohibited,” Pratt said. “The legislation that is on the books is lethal; it is killing people. All of these gun-free zones are murder magnets, and we simply have got to get rid of […]

Enemies List: More than 100 Seatle businesses sign-up as Gun-Free Zones.

Washington State passed a law preempting cities from declaring themselves gun-free zones, so the Seattle socialists found a loophole, “Over 100 Seattle businesses have now posted signs and proclaimed themselves “Gun Free Zones,” a program that has taken root whether or not its architect, Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn, wins reelection in two weeks. “This program […]

Former Marine dies in Gun-Free Zone.

Today a teenage gunman with a gun was more powerful than a US Marine without one. Think about that, the Marines are the toughest of the tough, longest basic training, I read the guy had done 3 tours of duty, yet thanks to our gun-free zones, some stupid teenager who stole his father’s gun was […]

Right to Carry in Military Bases.

How does a Republican prevent mass murder? By allowing potential victims to carry a gun and shoot back. “Rep. Steve Stockman said he plans to introduce a bill to allow military personnel to carry concealed guns while on military bases in the aftermath of the mass shooting at the Washington Navy Yard that left 13 […]