95% of New Zealand Guns Are Untraceable

Sometimes anti-gunners admit the truth. In this opinion piece, the editor admits gun control does not work. The guns that criminals possess can be divided into three categories, namely, standard types of rifles and shotguns, pistols, and military style semi-automatic firearms (MSSAs) which possess magazines that can hold in excess of seven cartridges. The British […]

90% of the crimes caused by 0.5% of the people

A study from gun-hating Salinas, California has shown some interesting stats: SALINAS, Calif. —At Tuesday’s City Council meeting, Police Chief Kelly McMillin presented a gangs and firearms report that analyzed all 76 homicides that happened in Salinas from 2010-2013. Salinas has 23 active gangs, and gangsters make up .5 percent of the city’s total population. About […]