Pro-Gun Protest in Illinois

  SPRINGFIELD — Fresh from a major victory in their battle to legalize the concealed carry of loaded guns in public, gun activists flocked to the Illinois Capitol Wednesday to fight for expanded gun rights in Illinois. After seeing the state’s first concealed carry law go into effect earlier this year, pro-gun groups arrived in Springfield […]

Will Facebook ban pro-gun pages?

  Rumors are flying: The social network has been under pressure from the powerful Mayors Against Illegal Guns and the Moms Demand Action civic group to ban gun-themed fan pages on the site. Sources close to the conversations told VentureBeat, “Talks are progressing. The discussions are ongoing; there have been positive developments.” An extensive investigation […]

State Trooper Banned From Having A Gun While Off Duty

The State trusts the trooper with a gun during the day, but when he punchs out, “sorry officer, no gun for you.” —— State Trooper Michael L. Keyes can carry a gun while on duty. When off duty, however, he is barred by law from possessing any firearms. Keyes being banned from firearms off duty […]

NRA endorses John Cornyn.

Some of my Tea Party friends may be unhappy, but the NRA has to endorse a man with a proven track record on guns. A statement from the NRA’s PAC chairman called Cornyn, the Senate minority whip, a “consistent and passionate champion of our Second Amendment rights” and noted his “A+ rating” from the group […]

Colorado School Shooter Used a 12-Gauge Shotgun.

The liberals told us “nobody needs an AR-15,” Joe Biden told us to “get a shotgun.” Well, seems the Colorado shooter took his advice. The teenage student police say opened fire at his Colorado high school legally purchased a 12-gauge shotgun at a Denver-area gun store within one week before Friday’s attack, according to multiple […]

“Gun Responsibility” Means Gun Control.

In an opinion column published by Eric Liu on CNN, “The Accidental Asian” tries to confuse us by using “gun responsibility” instead of “gun control.” Why do they think we’re so stupid? Here’s what he writes: Gun responsibility isn’t gun control. It isn’t about “controlling” people or banning ownership of guns or confiscating weapons. But […]

Christie: “Gun Control can be a part of violence control”

I really hope he doesn’t get the Republican nomination. “If you look at what we’ve done in New Jersey, we want to control violence,” Christie told Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. “And some of that may involve firearms, but a lot of it doesn’t.” … “What it is is looking at these things case […]

Politico Claims Gun Control Helps McAuliffe.

Virginia isn’t what it used to be, with lots of government workers living there, lobbyists, etc, the State is in great danger of turning purple. Consider these scary numbers from Politico: Asked how Cuccinelli’s opposition to expanded background checks factors into their vote, 47 percent said that position makes them less likely to vote for […]