Kill Me Meme.

This is what Obama promotes, a cult of helplessness, government-reliance instead of self-reliance. I feel sorry for that woman, there is nothing more pathetic than a human being who refuses to do everything in his power to live. A year ago I met an Obama-supporter at a truck school, she got very loud after being […]

NY Gangbanger is Dead, KY gets the blame.

So the cops shot and killed some piece of garbage who shot at them first, I don’t care if the teen if 14-years-old, he had it coming. “A Daily News investigation found the blood-spattered 9-mm. handgun discovered near the teen’s body was older than he was — purchased at the state fairgrounds in Louisville, Ky., […]

Gun Control in Venezuela.

Venezuelans never had a right to keep and bear arms, not even before Chavez. Of course, the death of Chavez has not stopped draconian push for even more gun control, and contrary to The Christian Science Monitor, gun ownership was never unregulated. Still, I assume the rest of their article is truthful, so here are […]

Maher loves Weiner.

First we have whore-monger and gun-banning Spitzer refusing to defend Weiner. Then we have gun-hating and c-nt-calling Maher giving Weiner a hand. “In the not too distant future, we will elect a president whose penis we have all seen.” Really? “And finally, New Rule: If South Carolina country folk can forgive Mark Sanford […]