Gun Haters Plan to Match NRA’s Spending

Gun haters don’t realize we’ve already beat them in races where the ammophobes outspent the NRA. As an adman I can tell you this, advertising can only sell a bad product once, then when people know it’s bad, they stop buying. Gun control is bad, gun control doesn’t fix anything, and all the money in […]

Army of Fools: Meet Giffords’ New Group.

  These gun grabbers are something else, hardly anyone knows about “Americans for Responsible Solutions,” so instead of promoting their pathetic group, they invent a new one: The new initiative, Veterans for Responsible Solutions, will support Giffords and Kelly’s wider efforts by bringing to bear the experience of military veterans who’ve sworn to defend the […]

Giffords praises Bloomberg even if she shoots “assault rifles.”

So Giffords the hypocrite praises Bloomberg? Even if Bloomberg would ban the guns she enjoys shooting? “Mayor Michael Bloomberg is in it for the long haul,” Giffords writes in the August issue of Vanity Fair. “When he might have focused on his own legacy and a post-mayoralty more about Bermuda than about background checks, he […]