Thoughts on leaving Chattanooga for Boca Raton, FL

The problem of being a copywriter is that you can’t work anywhere you want, you have to work where there is work to be found, which is why tomorrow I leave the great State of Tennessee for Boca Raton, FL. Many of my friends are happy I’ve gotten a job in South Florida, some even […]

Car Dealer Mass Shooting Stopped by Gun Owner

The FBI considers 4 dead people a mass shooting, here nobody died:   During an incident in Taylor County, FL yesterday, at a car dealership, our good guy came in the form of a Taylor County Sheriff’s Deputy who was getting his car serviced at the dealership. Deputy Robert Lundy was waiting for his vehicle […]

Gun School Closes in Bonita Springs, FL.

This is NOT the place where you want to to do your concealed weapons class: BONITA SPRINGS, Fla. – When WINK News Call For Action toured the Gun School in Bonita Springs, we were among the last people to be inside the facility. The current owner, Aaron Hutto, has now closed the doors. He says […]