Talahassee Democrat Wants to Ban the 2nd Amendment

Would a modern newspaper publish an article demanding a ban of Free Speech? I doubt it. Yet look at this filth the Tallahassee Democrat published: Stop the insanity: Ban guns Gerald Ensley, Tallahassee Democrat 8:49 p.m. EST November 22, 2014 It’s the guns, stupid. The shootings Thursday at the Florida State University library. The shootings […]

Dick Metcalf becomes the Judas of the Second Amendment

BearingArms.com puts him in his place: Dick Metcalf had a long career as a writer and editor in the shooting sports before he became a pariah for column he wrote late last year stating that he’d be fine with more gun control laws and mandatory training for concealed carriers. After an avalanche of criticism (which […]

Gun-Grabbers in VT use suicide map as an excuse.

Vermont is an odd State in the sense that it’s very liberal and very gun-friendly. You don’t even need a concealed-carry license if you want to walk around with your gun. Yet like cockroaches, gun grabbers are everywhere. The Gun Sense Vermont forum featured a medical resident in psychiatry, a nurse, a pediatrician, an activist […]