Ted Nugent’s Antisemitic Meme Isn’t Helpful

Ted Nugent is getting press for the wrong reasons, mainly a meme he shared. Source: http://radio.com/2016/02/10/ted-nugent-criticism-anti-semetic/ Did he really have to put the Israeli flag next to all of them? None of them are Israeli, and Israel is certainly more pro-gun than New York, New Jersey, and Chicago. The meme is also dishonest because it ignores […]

Alabama might ban open carry in polling places

Being anti-gun in Alabama is like being a roach in a chicken dance, deadly. So I’m surprised at this reaction. Strange steps back from guns at polls comments Attorney General Luther Strange Wednesday appeared to step back from comments made earlier this week that suggested he would support legislation to ban the open carry of […]

On Miley Cyrus.

The following isn’t related to guns, but I just have to say it: Am I living in Afghanistan? When did Americans become a bunch of burka-like pussy prudes? Hello! We have Ms. America, Ms. USA, strip bars, PORN, beauty pageants, Las Vegas, nude beaches, Maxim, FHM, Hooters, Breastaurants,  Victoria’s Freaking Secret, SHIRTLESS Abercrombie boys, The […]