Concealed Carrier Shoots #Knockout Game Thug.

What a difference being armed makes. After dozens of incidents of people getting a sucker punch in the knockout game, someone finally fights back. This guy however, got attacked by a thug with a tazer. The thug wasn’t expecting his victim to have a gun, which is why he got shot twice and lived to […]

Victory in St. Helens, Oregon: Teachers can carry their guns in school.

Oregon is more than Portland: “The school board in St. Helens, OR voted  4-1 to allow teachers with concealed carry permits to carry firearms into the classroom. Under Oregon law, persons with permits may already carry into schools, but some school boards had policies in place to prevent school employees from doing so. This vote […]

Right to Carry in Military Bases.

How does a Republican prevent mass murder? By allowing potential victims to carry a gun and shoot back. “Rep. Steve Stockman said he plans to introduce a bill to allow military personnel to carry concealed guns while on military bases in the aftermath of the mass shooting at the Washington Navy Yard that left 13 […]

Midewest college students oppose guns on campus. So what?

Ball State University took a survey of “undergraduates at 15 Midwestern colleges found that 78 percent opposed concealed handguns on campus.” Source: The sample was only 1,649 undergraduates, but let’s say the survey was accurate, let’s assume the question was worded in a way not to create a bias, so what? I was a […]

Why not a Booze-Free Zone?

The People’s Republic of Chicago has a new proposal that “would require any establishment that serves alcohol to post signs prohibiting the carrying of concealed firearms on the property. Businesses that don’t comply could lose their liquor licenses.” … “Simply put, booze and bullets don’t mix,” Burke said in a news release. “They clearly present […]