Not Vacancies for Criminals in Chicago.

I hate using an article from, but like a broken clock, they’re right occasionally. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s plan to quell his city’s gun violence with more jail time is running into Illinois fiscal reality as well as claims that mandatory prison sentences, popular in statehouses for decades, are unaffordable and ineffective deterrents to […]

Why not a Booze-Free Zone?

The People’s Republic of Chicago has a new proposal that “would require any establishment that serves alcohol to post signs prohibiting the carrying of concealed firearms on the property. Businesses that don’t comply could lose their liquor licenses.” … “Simply put, booze and bullets don’t mix,” Burke said in a news release. “They clearly present […]

Gun Confiscation in Chicago.

Were you convicted of drunk driving? Tax evasion? Watch out, Chicago cops are coming after your legally-owned guns: “On a recent Wednesday here in the rundown suburbs south of Chicago, five police officers with bulletproof vests and Glock handguns knocked on doors and tried to talk their way into homes of felons and mentally ill […]