Oakland Approves Yearly Gun Registration.

I don’t know why this story was in the “News” section of the newspaper, it’s clearly an opinion piece: “In a city where three more people died violently over the weekend, a city [Oakland, CA] with more than 4,000 armed robberies this year and more than 4,000 cases of gun-related crime last year, we need […]

Hoplophobia in Los Gatos, California.

In Spanish, “Los Gatos” means “The Cats” or as I like to call them, “The Pussies.”  Well, the pussies at the Town Council have passed new anti-gun restrictions. “The new rules allow for gun vendors in town, provided they get a permit that must be renewed annually. The vendors also must be at least 250 […]

LA Community Colleges Welcome School Shooters.

Attention psychos and criminals in California, are you in the mood for murder? Want to go off with a bang? Then good news for you! Gun massacres are now easier than shooting fish in a barrel. “The Los Angeles Community College District’s nine campuses will be gun-free zones, according to a resolution passed this week […]