California Criminal Shoots Himself

A law-abiding person knows about gun safety, a lawless criminal does not. He either respects his gun and the powerful things it can do, or he shoots himself in the leg. Either way, my congratulations to Joe Biden, looks like someone got himself a shotgun, or is that an assault-shotgun, a military-style shotgun? Just kidding. […]

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence buys 239 Weapons

I’ve never liked gun buybacks, I hate them even more when they’re organized by the enemy: Santa Barbara’s first gun buyback initiative collected 239 unwanted guns, police said Saturday. The Coalition Against Gun Violence event let residents turn in guns anonymously and gave out gift cards as incentives, organizers say. More than $23,000 in gift […]

Everybody Hates Brown.

California Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown is a good example why trying to please everybody is a bad idea. “the proponent of the “paddle to the left, paddle to the right” school of politics — now finds both camps firing away at his actions on a score of gun legislation today. While the gun rights conservatives […]

California Here I DON’T Come.

Whether it’s the National Socialists in Germany or the sunny socialists in California, the result is always the same. Less freedom. “the San Jose Mercury News reports, a state Assembly committee will hear bills that would ban all semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines, make it a crime to leave a gun unlocked when a person […]