Media Matters Accuses Pro-Gun Group of Anti-Semitic Advertising.

This ad has Media Matters raving mad: “A Colorado newspaper has repeatedly run an anti-Semitic ad depicting New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is Jewish, as a puppet-master who controls a state senator the ad’s sponsor is seeking to recall from office for supporting stronger gun laws. The September 8 and 9 editions of the Pueblo Chieftain featured the half-page advertisement. The group responsible […]

Total Recall in Colorado.

Source: The Democrats wanted to turn Colorado purple, well, that good ol’ western State is back to being a nice Republican Red. As Twitchy reported: “While Second Amendment advocates party in Colorado over their success in defeating two state Senate gun-grabbers, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his Mayors Against Illegal Guns group must be stinging from the […]

Dirty Money Fights Recall Election in Colorado.

In Colorado, Senate President John Morse and Sen. Angela Giron are fighting a recall brought by their anti-gun votes. Well, there’s plenty of dirty money coming their way: Mayor Michael Bloomberg wrote a personal check for $350,000 to Taxpayers for Responsible Democracy (the front group fighting for them). Billionaire Eli Broad also wrote a $250,000. […]

Cohen Attacks ACLU and NRA.

Liberals often attack the NRA, but the ACLU? Well, here’s what commie Cohen wrote. “Question: What do the National Rifle Association and the American Civil Liberties Union have in common? Answer: The determination to stop New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg from having his way with guns. The NRA defends the Second Amendment’s right to bear […] Claims Guns Are Only for White People.

Francis Wilkinson spent $17 buying gun magazines and his conclusion based on the ads he saw was that “everybody’s white.” “There are pictures of guys with guns, gals with guns, animals with guns, ammo with guns and guns with guns. Curiously absent are pictures of black people with guns, brown people with guns or […]

Bloomberg Continues to Bleed as More Mayors Jump Ship.

Schadenfreude! 50 members of of Bloomberg’s gun control gestapo have quit. “Nashua Mayor Donnalee Lozeau says she called it quits after the group launched television attack ads against New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte. Ayotte voted against legislation that would have expanded background checks to cover almost every gun purchase in the country. “I said, ‘Wait […]