Beating the Dems with Bill de Blasio.

Bill de Blasio hates guns, Capitalism, tobacco, he’s Bloomberg with better looks sans  the money, and while he’s a curse in New York, he could be a blessing for Republicans everywhere else. “De Blasio poses interesting challenges for the Democratic Party,” said Darrell M. West, director of the Governance Studies at the Brookings Institution. “He […]

Bill de Fascist Accuses Bloomberg of not going “far enough”.

  What’s the difference between Bill de Blasio and Bloomberg? Not much besides one having a son with an ugly afro. Hey kid, the 70s are over, go get a haircut you young  Obama wannabe. And before anyone calls me racist, hair style is a choice, and there are white people with afros, dreadlocks, and […]

Bill de Communist.

New Yorkers have suffered 12-years of Bloomberg, well, now gun banner Bill de Blasio will probably become the next Mayor and there is some disturbing information about how he: “…spent time as a left-wing supporter and activist for Nicaragua’s ruling Sandinista party at a time when the Reagan administration characterized it as “tyrannical” and “Communist.” […]