Minnesota: Armed Homeowner Scares Burglar

This happened in Stewartville, Minnesota. A 24-year-old man told officers he’d heard a noise; when he investigated, he found a man inside the home. The resident — holding a handgun — confronted the man, who said, “oh, (expletive),” then ran out. Officers found indications of forced entry into the home, said Capt. Scott Behrns, but […]

Armed Homeowner Thwarts Burglary.

Corallville, Iowa is no Chicago, yet even if the cop admitted the homeowner did nothing illegal, he’s advising others not to follow his example: CORALVILLE, Iowa — Police said a Coralville burglary was thwarted by a gun carrying homeowner. However, police said they don’t recommend citizens act as police officers – even if the law […]