20/20 will interview the Armed Citizen Project for “Young Guns” special

The¬†Armed Citizen Project¬†is in my opinion a much needed organization that uses donations to create responsible new gun owners. Diane Sawyer is doing an anti-gun special called “Young Guns” where she “and David Muir take a sharp look at kids and guns in a special report airing Jan. 31 at 10pmET, and the special will […]

Are Gun Haters using The Overton Window?

Kenny Ham wrote a fascinating article about how the enemy might be using The Overton Window to push for gun control. As you might or might not be aware Missouri state senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal (D-Jefferson City) has proposed a law in Missouri that would make it a crime for parents not to tell school officials […]

ACP Commentary – Walker, Indiana Ranger

Originally published at: http://armedcitizenproject.org/articles/walker-indiana-ranger Before Indiana became a state in 1816, territorial Gov. William Henry Harrison organized the Indiana Rangers in 1807 to safeguard the Buffalo Trace — the main travel route between Louisville, Ky., and Vincennes, Ind. The Indiana Rangers were a rough and tough band of men and women who were well-trained and […]

FREE Shotguns in Florida.

  This is great news: “A gun group is offering free shotguns to residents in Florida, billing it as a way for people to protect themselves against crime. Members of the Florida chapter of the Armed Citizen Project, which is based in Texas, began advertising the program on fliers in the Sunshine Gardens neighborhood near […]

Free Gun for Mom.

The poor in this country get all kinds of things, food stamps, low-income housing, diversity scholarships, yet most liberals would rather give up a kidney before helping a poor single mom get a gun. The Armed Citizen Project is chaging that. “The Houston, Texas-based Armed Citizen Project has announced its National Empowerment Day, an effort […]