Facebook Discriminates Against Gun Store.

A Bakersfield gun store tried to advertise on Facebook, the ad didn’t feature any guns, just the stars of Duck Dynasty, but that didn’t stop them from getting banned. “No weapons, but just minutes after Thome posted the picture Facebook pulled the ad. “Right before I posted it I thought okay there’s nothing offensive that […]

Sure Shoot doesn’t care for high capacity magazines.

I agree about more practice, but a couple of points. 1. It’s easier to shoot straight in the range, it’s harder in the real world. 2. What if you have more than one attacker? 3. High-Capacity = Less Reloading = More Fun. 4. Don’t insult your target audience. The headline reads better without the word […]

Schumer tries to be a copywriter.

Gun-banning Schumer knows that those ridiculous ads from Mayors Against Illegal Guns are hurting his cause. “Here’s what he thinks that advertising should look like: “An ad that I’d like to see would say something like, ‘Hi, my name is Joe Smith. I own Jones Gun Shop in Winnemucca, Nevada. And I’m an N.R.A. member. […]

Some Canadian Gun Owners Pissed Off With Gun Range Advertising.

Folks, if you have a better picture of the ad, comment the link, because this is what I found and it’s hard to tell what’s going on. “ANCOUVER — A local group of gun owners is shocked and disturbed by a new advert at SkyTrain stations showing a bullet-riddled bull’s-eye parking meter, alarm clock and […]