Going to sleep? Keep a gun near you


This woman did and lived.

COLUMBUS — Police in Columbus say a woman sleeping on a couch with a loaded gun fatally shot an intruder who smashed through a front window.

A police report said the man who was shot had broken into a house across the street Thursday morning and had just jumped out a second floor window when confronted by that resident.

He broke through the window of the other home, and the woman sleeping in the front room grabbed the gun and fired multiple shots. He died later at a hospital. Police later determined he wasn’t armed.

The incident happened around 5 a.m. Thursday in the Franklinton neighborhood, west of downtown. No names have been released. Police say it appears to be self-defense, but the investigation is continuing.

Source: http://www.times-gazette.com/latest%20headlines/2015/02/20/ohio-woman-sleeping-on-couch-with-gun-kills-intruder

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