Shoot Straight Accused Of Sexism

A chain of gun stores in Clearwater, Shoot Straight, is being accused of sexism by a woman who didn’t get promoted to management.

Crystal Mims is accusing Shoot Straight of violating the Florida Civil Rights Act based on sex discrimination and retaliation.

For nearly three years, Mims worked at Shoot Straight Clearwater. Throughout that time, she expressed a desire to grow with the company, asking to be considered for a management-level position. She applied for these posts, believing she was well-qualified for the job.

Despite this, she was repeatedly refused a promotion.

After less qualified men had been regularly put into the same management positions that Mims applied for, she believed the denial was due to gender.

Comments from co-workers and customers to Mims reinforced that belief. On one occasion, Mims said someone told her that she wouldn’t be considered because she didn’t “have a d**k.”

When she wasn’t selected for the position, Mims complained to her superiors. She asserts that those complaints resulted in her termination March 24.

Now Shoot Straight is being sued on two counts in the Nov. 30 lawsuit. If the court enters a judgment in Mims favor, she will receive compensation for back pay and benefits, front pay and benefits, damages for humiliation and mental pain and suffering, punitive damages, attorney’s fees and costs, and both pre and post-judgment interest.

Although Mims was never promoted to manager, she did work her way into a different position than when she started August 2013.

Shoot Straight Clearwater is located at 4594 Ulmerton Rd.

Shoot Straight operates several locations throughout the state. Founder and owner Khaled Akkawi is a pro-gun rights advocate. According to a February Herald-Tribune article, Akkawi is Florida’s “largest gun show promoter.”



Khaled Akkawi’s stores are a “Top NRA Recruiter of The Year “… with over 2100 new members signed up..and AGAIN in 2011 with over 2300 members recruited and will go over 3000 new members in 2012.”

On the other hand, their stores ban gun rentals over suicides. That makes me mad, because a lot of gun owners begin their journey as gun renters. It’s just like Bowling, you start by renting the shoes and eventually you want your own shoes and ball.



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