Save the Saratoga Springs Gun Show

Kathy Marchione Gun second amendment

For a long time, the NorthEast Arms Collector Association has held an Arms Fair at the Saratoga Springs City Center.

Now the usual suspects want to ban it:

“the Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee believes that countless and growing numbers of mass shootings are not just random acts. Rather, these mass murders reflect a broader societal problem. We believe that by promoting the sale of guns, our city is contributing to the problem, and the actions of our City officials and public institutions should address this problem.”

Saratoga Springs Mayor Joanne Yepsen also has said gun shows “no longer fit the vision” of the City Center.

“It’s a different world out there,” said Yepsen. “We don’t want anything negative to happen as a result of a purchase of a firearm here. As a representative of the community, I think there are better uses for our public buildings.”



Kathy Marchione is running for reelection and is doing something about this outrage. Sign the petition to keep the gun show open.

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