Pro-Gun Event at Baylor University

Baylor hasn’t always been a friend of gun owners, last year they rejected the ad below for a pro-gun event.


Their student propaganda paper has published at least one anti-gun editorial.

So it gives me joy that they’re learning from their past mistakes:

Baylor Law Hosts “Stand Your Ground” Course

Posted: Feb 15, 2014 8:01 PM ESTUpdated: Feb 15, 2014 8:01 PM EST

By Ashley Allen

Gun owners in Waco learned a little more about their rights on Saturday.

Baylor Law hosted it’s annual “People’s Law School,” a free event for anyone who wants to learn more about law.

Using guns for self-defense is a hot topic right now, so gun owner W.L. Scott sat in on a course about it to educate himself.

“We need as much information as we can get to be a responsible citizen…to know the law,” Scott said.

Gun laws like “Stand Your Ground” and “Castle Doctrine” are confusing.

That’s why lawyer Susan Kelly Johnston taught the course. 

“It doesn’t matter if you’re in your castle or your in your home, it doesn’t matter where you are,” Johnston said. “If someone is attacking you, you have the right to defend yourself.”

She says you should only use a gun if you’re truly scared. Otherwise, it’s not worth it because prosecutors don’t accept that excuse easily.

You always have a right to defend yourself if you’re in fear for your life, but when it comes to your property, the law isn’t always black and white.

Deadly force isn’t justified to protect your property unless you’re preventing arson, burglary, robbery, night theft or criminal mischief.

Not very clear?

That’s why Johnston says gun laws are a gray area.

“It’s not clear and that’s why if you decide to use a weapon, please make sure it’s for good reason, because you may have accountability criminally and civilly,” Johnston said.

It’s a reminder that stuck with many gun owners in the room.

“We need to be level-headed in anything we do,” W.L. Scott said. “You can’t beat common sense.”


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