Pregnant Criminal Shot by Armed 80-year-old

The New York Daily News is sounding strangely pro-life LOL

They came to the wrong house.

An 80-year-old California retiree shot dead a pregnant woman as she and a male accomplice tried to flee Tuesday night after breaking in and robbing the man’s home in Long Beach.

And Tom Greer has no regrets about plugging the woman with two shots as she begged for her life.

“She says, ‘Don’t shoot me, I’m pregnant! I’m going to have a baby!’ And I shot her anyway,” Greer told KNBC-TV.

The elderly man, wearing his arm in a sling Wednesday as he spoke to a reporter, said he came back to his house in the ritzy Bixby Knolls neighborhood Tuesday evening and found the woman and a man ransacking his home.

“When I went in there, they tackled me,” Greer told the news station. “Both of them jumped up on top of me.”

During the struggle, Greer fell to the ground as the intruders rummaged through a safe. But the man had pocketed his .22-caliber Smith & Wesson revolver in the chaos of the moment.

“I come back and they see me with a gun, and they run,” he told the NBC affiliate.

The man took off but the woman stumbled in an alley behind the home. She pleaded for her life as Greer took aim and fired.

“She was dead,” he told KNBC. “I shot her twice, she best be dead … (The man) had run off and left her.”

Cops have yet to identify the dead woman and her accomplice remains on the lam. Greer, meanwhile, was headed to the hospital to have a shoulder and collarbone injury treated, he told a reporter.

The woman collapsed in this alleyway and Greer shot her dead despite her pleas for her life. Cops investigate the scene of the shooting. No charges have been filed.

Greer said it was the first time he had shot a person — but wouldn’t be the last if anyone tries to mess with him again.

“I shot her, so that’s going to leave a message on (her accomplice’s) mind for the rest of his life,” Greer told the station.

It’s unclear if Greer will face charges in the shooting.

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Now some people may see the homeowner as uncompassionate, but they need to realize this:

1. A criminal will say anything

2. A criminal will take advantage of any opportunity to gain the upper hand.

3. You don’t know what’s in the criminal’s head. Will they get out and come back? Will they seek revenge? Unless you’re holding them at gun point while someone else calls 911. What can you do? Even if you had a phone in your pocket, can you dial 911 without looking at your phone? What if the criminal uses that opportunity to jump at you?

4. They broke into his home, they tackled him. This qualifies as fear of imminent death and massive bodily injury. The Castle Doctrine applies at well.

5. Even if you’re pro-life, your life comes first. If that evil woman really cared about her baby, why is she breaking into people’s homes?

6. Spare the the sexist notion that a man is a coward if he shoots a woman. It’s funny that the same feminists who want “equal pay for equal work” and demand women serve in armed combat will suddenly become chivalrous and play their vagina-card. Sorry liberals, but even under the laws of chivalry a lady still has to act like a lady. An animal that breaks into people’s homes deserves to be shot.

Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time or the grave.


6 Responses to Pregnant Criminal Shot by Armed 80-year-old

    • Sterilize myself? You must be one of those Nazis or Eugenicists or both. I’d tell you to kill yourself, except I know Karma will get you soon enough. Go to hell, Captain Obvious.

  1. Having read the above, the one point you fail to address is that the woman had already disengaged and was running away after pleading for her life. None of the self-defence caveats apply.

    The -real- question you seem to be asking is, if he had called the police on their departure, would they have been adequately protecting him after that point? I admit the likely answer is no, but that isn’t an argument for his being in any way right to kill the woman who was robbing him. It’s an argument for better community protection in the police force.

    • Interesting. Well, when I took my concealed carry class I was told I couldn’t shoot someone in the back, when they’re fleeing. If I give the crook my money, I can’t shoot him while he’s running away. However, here I assume the woman was facing him. Thus not really running away. You also have to realize that this man was jumped on, probably beaten. Suppose a woman is raped and then the rapist is done, zipping his pants, then she finds her gun and the rapist says “please don’t kill me, I’m the father of two kids.” Would you not shoot? Would you not think? “Maybe he’ll rape me again later” or “maybe he’ll kidnap me” or “maybe he’s full of crap.” All actions get a reaction, I don’t sympathize with the pregnant criminal because her actions brought this predicament.

  2. He wasn’t in danger at that point. Following that logic they should’ve killed him. There was zero reason not to at that point. Not killing him and fleeing instead cost that girl her life as he shot her in the back twice. And he’s proud of it. He’s a coward. They were all sorts of wrong for what they did, but if he’s afraid of retribution what about the guy that got away? What if he came back for revenge for that? What if the old dude hit some random person. I doubt he would’ve cared. Old people suck.

    • Old people do not suck, old people have more experience, they’re less likely to commit crimes, and they win wars. Ever seen a 21-year-old general? I haven’t either. This old man was tackled by these two young parasites, they could have killed him. So he did what he had to do to survive. Besides, a criminal in trouble will say anything, and if you hesitate, they’ll take your gun and use it against you. That’s why you can’t hesitate, that’s why when you pull that gun, you’ve got to shoot it.

      What if the old dude hit a random person? It didn’t happen. What did happen is he lived and the criminal scum got what they deserved. Pregnant? That baby’s better off dead, anyway. Criminals are horrible parents. The other day I wrote book titles for a woman whose mother was a prostitute, father was a pedophile, and the brother was a kid. Oh, and to put the icing on the cake, they destroyed the self-esteem of their kids, told them they wouldn’t amount to anything. Would you like to grow up with parents like that? I don’t think so.

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