PolyDyn 2A Gun Oil


There are many gun oils on the market, some cheap, some expensive, and some are affordable and reliable.PolyDyn Performance Lubricants Gun Oil is one of the good ones.

“Well…I have now used the 2A gun oil on more than several rifles and pistols including bolt actions, semi autos and revolvers…I just cant say enough good about it…40 years of shooting, collecting etc. that says a lot ! Today I did my first full AR-15 new built with it and love it even more…due to the consistency of it I believe it will stay in all the detents, pins etc. much better than than and regular gun oil I have used to date….thanks again PolyDyn!!!! You guys ROCK!”

“So it has cleaned the Smith&Wesson 19-4 358 Magnum that is Nickel plated, it hasn’t been cleaned in at least 5 years the long gun is a Savage Arms single shot full choke 20 gauge also hasn’t been cleaned in 5 year’s, the Semi-automatic is a Smith&Wesson ported SW9P that is my duty and everyday carry. So the 2A cut the build up off of the 347 and 20 gauge and restored them back into top working condition. My every day carry has the action as smooth as silk. So two thumbs up on this product.

The product is very new, which is why it doesn’t have reviews on Amazon yet. Some unscrupulous sellers pay for reviews, so don’t think that seeing no reviews means nobody’s buying the product.

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