calls us “gun freaks”

I expect anti-gun editorials like Armed for a political gun fight, but I don’t expect to be personally attacked. Dan K. Thomasson, “a McClatchy-Tribune columnist and former vice president of Scripps Howard Newspapers.” writes this:

It may be the longest, hottest summer in some time for the gun freaks, mainly the National Rifle Association, which approaches every election with an oppose-everything strategy, doling out money only to those candidates who pledge allegiance to the gun industry’s policy of “no firearms restrictions, period.”

Really? Does he refer to pro-lifers as “Republic-nts” or is that just True Blood? Funny how we’re supposed to call illegal aliens “migrants” but gun owners, U.S. Citizens, are fair game.

What are the chances that Bloomberg’s new initiative will succeed after he failed to win the compromise background-check expansion? The NRA’s five million members provide a significant amount of clout after all. But Bloomberg has merged several groups, including Mayors Against Illegal Guns and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, into the Everytown group. His expanded operation is also targeting state legislatures.

Nothing about this is easy, but the initiative is at least taking on the NRA where it lives by making lawmakers pay. Doubling the amount of campaign money being spent by the NRA to sway a Congress always for sale might not be enough, but it is a start.
Source: Idem

Piss and sh-t is what Bloomberg has merged, in fact, if Bloomberg did finance the way he does politics, he’d be a hobo.

What Thomasson doesn’t realize is that it takes more than money to win in politics. The NRA has clout because our 5 million represent the wishes of 100 million gun owners. We have power because we can flood the politicians with letters, signed by every member if need be.

Bloomberg and his front groups are like a drunk Lindsay Lohan stepping out of a limo sans underwear, you look, you laugh, you move on.

Yes, congress is for sale, it’s always been for sale, a smart politician does whatever he can to get elected and stay elected. The NRA simply provides them a guide, defend the 2nd Amendment and we’ll defend you, oppose it and we’ll go against you.

As for the NRA’s “oppose-everything strategy,” does Planned Parenthood ever support anything pro-life? Never mind, Thomasson is not only incapable of being fair and balanced, he can’t even be biased without insulting not just our intelligence, but ourselves. Gun freaks? I don’t think so. Freedom isn’t freaky, and neither are guns.


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