Philippines Muzzles Security Guards’ Guns.

Members of the Philippine National Police display their service pistols during a ceremonial sealing of the muzzles of firearms on Dec. 29, 2012. The taping of the muzzle is a tradition to stop police officers from accidentally firing their guns during New Year’s celebrations. (Photo: Reuters)

You’re a Security Guard in the Philippines, maybe you’re a cop, you have a license to carry a gun, yet they still treat you like you’re a freaking child.

Manila, Philippines – It is the turn of security guards to muzzle their guns for the New Year.

The Philippine National Police (PNP) ordered all the owners of the security agencies across the country yesterday to tape the barrels of their service firearms as another pro-active measure against indiscriminate firing during the New Year revelry.

“This is in line with our program to prevent the occurrence of illegal discharge of firearms by irresponsible gun owners,” said Chief Superintendent Reuben Thedore Sindac, chief police information officer.

Really? I’m surprised you’re not asking them to deposit their guns at the armory.

The objective is simple, according to Sindac. “That is to deny all the more than 500,000 security guards to use the guns issued to them, lessening the probability of indiscriminate firing cases.”

Sindac said the PNP has been doing its part in taping the barrels of the guns of some 150,000 cops while their counterparts in the military have also a strict guidance to its 130,000 personnel.


“There were cases of security guards who were involved in indiscriminate firing, this is what we want to prevent through this directive,” Rentoy said.

Yeah, and there are cases of men who rape women, that doesn’t mean we force all men to wear chastity belts.

Based on his directive, Rentoy said the muzzling of all firearms issued to security guards must be done on December 30, or a day before the start of the New Year revelry.

He said he will leave to the security managers on how they would implement the directive but he said the main focus of the police is on the compliance.

“The removal of sealing shall be done on the 2nd day of January 2014,” said Rentoy. (Aaron B. Recuenco)

Well Criminals, now you know which days are good for business.

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  1. I don’t think the point of the tape is to render the gun useless, I think the point is to make it obvious that the gun has been discharged to limit the likely hood that an excited security officer might pop off a few celebratory rounds into the air. They did something similar to our hotel door on a school trip to Washington D.C.

  2. Are you saying they put tape on your hotel door? Why? Either way, I find it silly, if they’re so afraid of what these cops will do with their guns, why allow them to have guns in the first place? Anyone can remove a piece of tape. Frankly, this case is why I hate collectivism, instead of punishing the individuals doing wrong things, they choose to punish everyone. It also violates the American principle of innocent until proven guilty, which is a principle that the people of the Philippines should embrace.

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