Peace Lilies for Guns: Worst Buyback Ever

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The enemies of the 2nd Amendment are active, even in Columbia, South Carolina you will find them.

Anti-gun Richardland County Sheriff Leon Lott is “passionate about preventing gun violence and knows that the more action we take toward stopping it, the safer our communities will be.”

Right, so is he patrolling crime-ridden neighborhoods, arresting people? Of course not, instead:

The sheriff is partnering with the Faith Coalition on Gun Violence (FCGV) to take action and create awareness on the need to act on preventing gun violence.

On Saturday, Lott and FCGV are providing an opportunity to turn in unwanted, unsafe, unused or improperly stored guns off the streets.

I guess our good ol’ Southern jackboot has never heard of gun shows, gun stores, or even websites where you can sell guns.

Lott and the Faith Coalition on Gun Violence invites you to drop off your unloaded guns, April 19 between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. at Washington Street Methodist Church parking lot, 1401 Washington Street, 29201 and receive a Peace Lily flower.

The Peace Lilies for Guns project is a partnership with the Faith Coalition on Gun Violence (FCGV), a faith-based, non-partisan, non-profit group that raises awareness about gun violence, its prevention and its impact on families and communities.

FCGV promotes responsible gun ownership by providing information about gun safety and security; educates the public about alternatives to violence through conflict resolution and advocates for civil discourse, cooperation and collaboration for real security and a less violent society and culture.

Sure, they promote “responsible gun ownership” by taking guns away. Sheriff Jackboot said “if we can take one gun off the streets and that action saves a life; then this program is a success.” OK, so if the person you disarmed gets shot, stabbed, robbed or raped, will you admit your program is a failure? I have an idea, Mr. Jackboot, maybe you you disarm yourself and patrol the streets without a gun.

You can bring unloaded guns to Washington Street Methodist Church with no questions asked.

Each person dropping off their guns will receive a Peace Lily as a token of thanks.

Lott said you must transport your unloaded guns in the trunk of your vehicle – a deputy sheriff will assist you in removing the weapon and will process the gun for destruction.

Frankly, this is the worst gun buyback ever, other buybacks give you cash, one from Dell gave you a computer (although frankly, who the hell wants a Dell? I don’t), yet here you get some pussy flower. Really? It’s bad enough you’re disarming people, it’s bad enough that some of the people you’re disarming are criminals that need to be prosecuted, not given a no questions asked deal, but at least give the people something better than peace lilies.

For more information on the many safety and education programs the Richland County Sheriff’s Department offers, go to or email

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