Park Gun Ban Ends.

Happy news for law-abiding citizens, bad news for criminals.


SNOHOMISH COUNTY — Mill Creek has joined a list of cities around the state ending a prohibition of guns in city parks following the court’s decision to overturn a Seattle law banning guns in parks and community centers, the Everett Herald reported.

The Mill Creek City Council ended the ban earlier this month following a vote that garnered little comment from either side of the debate, the Herald reported. The action was spurred following a letter sent by the leader of the Second Amendment Foundation in Bellevue, Alan Gottlieb, to Mill Creek’s city attorney saying the city should remove the ban or face legal action.

Gottlieb led the charge in fighting a 2009 gun ban in Seattle parks. Ultimately, the ban was ruled unconstitutional when the state Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal from the city challenging earlier rulings that overturned the ban.

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