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Facebook Censors Dustin Collins Pro-Gun Song Ad

As Breitbart reported, a Facebook  ad promoting the awesome pro-Second Amendment song “Cold Dead Hands” was censored.  These are Facebook’s advertising policies:

I have used Facebook to advertise plenty of pro-gun T-shirts. These ads only get banned when I use the word “gun.” Dustin Collins’ ad didn’t use the word “gun.”

The ad he tried to use to boost his song bore the caption, “Tired of seeing people trash your rights? Let them know how you feel with Cold Dead Hands … a big leap into the real world”

There’s nothing in this verbiage that violates Facebook’s policies, which proves that this is Facebook being political. After all, they allow ads promoting gun shows, they allow my blog to advertise, but apparently a pro-gun song is too much for the Silicon Valley socialists.