Orange is the new anti-gun


The gun haters are having a Wear Orange Day to “end gun violence” in memory of Hadiya Pendleton.

Nearly 200 national monuments will turn orange to honor Hadiya and other victims of gun violence, including Niagara Falls, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Empire State Building.

Here’s one of the people wearing orange


Here’s a few others:





┬áLet’s not forget Crooked Hillary

This propaganda event was brought to you by Americans for “Gun Safety,” and their partners.

One of their partners is the National Sikh Campaign, Sikhs aren’t Muslims, they’re a religion that encourages men to carry ceremonial daggers. It is hypocritical that a pro-weapon religion like Sikhism would be partnering with anti-gunners. If you’d like to do something about it, this is their e-mail.┬á

Be polite, tell them that you found their name at


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