Obama discusses Gun Control during Education speech.


Obama can’t help himself, as this video shows, even when he’s supposed to talk about one thing, he finds a way to freak us out with gun control:

“”We should be doing everything we can to keep you safe and protect you from gun violence.” Pres Obama in Brooklyn, NY”
Source: http://gunssavelives.net/news/breaking-obama-talks-gun-control-during-education-speech-in-new-york/


First of all, who the hell is “we”? This country has 50 States and one Constitution which you yourself thinks it’s a big joke full of “negative rights.”

Second, you people can’t even control the deficit, can’t pass a budget, can’t even give us a one-year waver from Obamacare.

Third, there isn’t that much gun violence in our schools, and when incidents occur, it’s because they’re gun-free zones.

Fourth, STOP USING OUR CHILDREN AS PROPS. You want to give a speech? Let those kids sit down while they’re bored out of their minds. You’re not Hitler, you’re not Stalin, it’s unacceptable that these kids should suffer while you talk garbage.

Fifth, ammo is expensive enough, so STFU about gun control.



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