Now Gun Grabbers are known as “Gun Safety Advocates”

What a hoot, the media is referring to people who hate guns as “gun safety advocate.”

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — About 100 gun safety advocates rallied at the Capitol for a proposal to require criminal background checks of more people who buy firearms at gun shows.

Santa Fe Police Chief Ray Rael spoke in favor of the measure at Wednesday’s rally. Supporters are urging Republican Gov. Susana Martinez to add the gun proposal to the Legislature’s agenda.

The Legislature is restricted to considering the budget, tax measures and proposals allowed by the governor.

A bill failed in the Legislature last year to mandate background checks for firearms purchased at gun shows from private sellers. Federal law requires those checks for sales by licensed dealers in their stores and at gun shows.

Opponents contend that background checks won’t stop shootings like one this month at a Roswell school.

The proper term for those bastards is “gun CONTROL advocates.”

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    • It’s ironic that when it comes to criminals, liberals will do everything they can to understand them, but when it comes to us, they don’t even bother. Instead they will tell us that the NRA doesn’t speak for us, that we’re confused, that we’re being led like shepple. We’re the opposite, even if I wanted to ignore liberals, I’m exposed to their arguments all day long.

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