NJ President doesn’t Believe in Self-defense


Look at this tweet:

NJ Senate President Tweets 'No Mass Shootings in NJ' Thus No Need for Self Defense

I guess Sweeney the swindler has never met “people like Christina Eberle, kidnapped from the Patco Train Station in Camden, dragged kicking and screaming into a car by her attackers in full view of an eyewitness who called 911, and found strangled to death the next day are inconsequential. People like the young mother from Milburn NJ ( just outside Newark) who was viciously beaten in front of her toddler last Summer, in her own home as a victim of a horrific home invasion robbery committed by a repeat felon. People like the hundreds of thousands of victims of violent crime annually in NJ, who’s right to even make the choice of whether or not to defend themselves and their loved ones at home or in public has been stolen from them.”
Source: http://www.ammoland.com/2014/02/nj-senate-president-tweets-no-mass-shootings-in-nj-no-need-for-self-defense/#axzz2upB2plyG


How Many Tears For NJ

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