New Gun Control in Illinois.

“Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has signed into law a bill that will place new restrictions onto law abiding gun owners in the state.

The measure will both require background checks on privately sold firearms (aka “universal background checks”) and require that any lost or stolen gun be reported to law enforcement within 72 hours.

The stolen gun requirement is now effective immediately and the universal background check requirement will be required starting Jan 1, 2014.”

So Pat the Quisling thinks that criminals selling illegal guns will undergo a background check?  As for the stolen gun reportage, so if Peter goes on vacation and his gun gets stolen, how is he supposed to know? Is Peter psychic?

These laws are nothing more than an excuse to turn law-abiding citizens into criminals. You want to fight crime, governor? Try building more jails so less criminals are released due to overcrowding. Try reinstating the death penalty which you people abolished. Try letting law-abiding gun owners exercise their rights instead of treating us like criminals.

You darned blue statists deserve the crime you get .


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