More Gun Owners Embracing Yoga.

Even Buddhists are packing 🙂 Source:

According to one Yoga aficionado, “the mainstream has become much more right-wing,” which is why more gun owners are doing yoga.

One of my blogosphere friends, a yoga teacher who lives in Nashville, had told me that in her world, it’s not uncommon for yoga teachers to pack heat. I, living in my bluest-of-blue-state bubble of an uber-liberal neighborhood in solidly Democratic Chicago, was stunned. Yoga teachers with guns?!


Indeed! Gun owners are everywhere, and we come in all flavors.


Deirdre Gailey, who says, “I’m a yoga instructor, I work at a vegan bakery — and I also like to shoot guns.”

Aren’t guns and shooting the opposite of yoga’s Zen experience?

“Yoga’s Zen-like quality can be applied to shooting guns in a lot of ways,’ says Gailey. “Shooting guns takes focus, concentration, and it doesn’t always have to be about violence.”

“(When I cook),” Gailey added, “I use a chef’s knife. You have respect for a knife as a tool that you use in your craft. And I think guns can be used in the same way.”



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