Romney for Retirement T-Shirt

Mitt Romney is like a herpes, he keeps coming back.

A day after Orrin Hatch announced he wouldn’t run for reelection, he changed his twitter location from Massachusetts to Utah.

Can we trust him? I think not. Romney has attacked President Trump many times, like Flake and McCain, he’s more comfortable with the establishment than the working American.

Even on the 2nd Amendment, Romney’s not exactly a friend.

  1. Mitt said “I don’t line up with the NRA,” in  1994, supported the “Brady Bill and a ban on certain types of assault weapons.”Source
  2. Signed a permanent assault-weapons ban as governor of the Bay State
    Source: Idem

Romney may have changed his tune when he ran for president, “when it comes to protecting the Second Amendment, I do not support any new gun laws including any new ban on semi-automatic firearms.”

That’s nice, but actions speak louder than words. Romney’s anti-gun actions in the past, his anti-Trump activism in the present, and his RINO colors, proves that Romney needs to retire.

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