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    • Hard to tell, she could be a model, an illustration, stock photography with a Photoshop filter to make her look like an illustration? I don’t know.

      Advertising is an industry full of techniques. Some clients have a lot of pre selected pictures for ads, others do the same damn thing every month, some try doing something new, it can go either way.

      Hard to tell what’s real and what’s fake. For example, look at her forearms, are they too strong for a woman? Were they created in Photoshop? Or is she a weight lifter?

  1. My friend oleg volk of Volkstudio blog does the photography and ads for aguila. so yes she is a model, oleg doesn’t do the gun bunny thing in his pictures amd we love him for it. you should check his stuff out, very professional. We use him for the photography in our catalog, ads and website. by the way I am the owner of Fightingsheepdog.com, we are a custom gunsmith/SOT dealer in Knoxville TN.

    • That’s awesome. I visited Knoxville once, and Oak Ridge. Never made it to Powel, but I like the idea of building an AR. Do you help people who aren’t mechanically-inclined?

      If I had the money, I would fly to Knoxville and visit your shop. By the way, do you have a press release about your store? Any store pictures? If so, send it to me at sellingthesecondamendment@gmail.com

      I’d like to write a blog about your business.

      P.S. Is it “former Marine” or “inactive Marine”? I once read that a Marine is never retired, but active or inactive. I guess “former” is what civilians understand as no longer working in the military. Not picking on you, just curious.

      • No problem, for the record it’s former marine. Thank you checking out our site. We are getting ready for major upgrade to it in the next 60 days. We do offer a wide variety of support for folks who want to build or just want to pick out their own parts for us to do the heavy lifting. My wife runs the front end so I will have her forward you some pics and a press release. In a former life we ran real estate marketing company in Atlanta. Also enjoyed your book we used some of it thought processes in our marketing. Thanks again for your kind words and I will have Rachel follow up with soon

        • That’s very kind of you, thanks for reading my book. To tell you the truth, I wish I hadn’t named the blog after the book, the book barely sells, some SEO book told me it would be a good idea to do this, but I could have bought TheSecondAmendment.com which was cheap. Instead, some anti-gunners bought it for a while, eventually they sold it. It was used to sell t-shirts, but now it’s just parked at godaddy. I doubt the owner will sell it unless a lot of money is offered. So the lesson here is, always get the most simple domain you can. Fightingsheepdog.com is a great one, and I like your website. It’s easy to use, it doesn’t have too much stuff, and it encourages people to come over.

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