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womenholsters concealed carry purse

Need a pro-gun purse for the woman in your life? Then check the following from

Houston, TX – August 3, 2016Last week, Women’s Holsters, a Texas-based online retailer, announced the unveiling of a highly-anticipated concealed carry purse that has already been seeing a strong response from its online customers.

“We were proud of the design and knew it would catch the attention of women everywhere, but we didn’t expect the attention or the sheer volume of orders that we’ve received,” said Mary McCleod, VP of Sales at

Responding to the niche, but strong demand of women interested in concealed carry for personal protection, products ranging from undergarments to handbags have been proliferating into the market by various manufacturers at an explosive rate. Analysts within the firearms industry, as well as the financial industry, state that political and social uncertainty or events are some of the major causes of demand spikes for firearms. This year, however, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) reported a record number of purchases of ultra-compact handguns as well as a record number of concealed handgun license certifications.

Recognizing that much of the women’s market was still undeserved and that logistic constraints chronically prevent the industry at large from engaging and fulfilling demand adequately, McCleod stated, “Our company is 100% Veteran-owned and operated and our CEO is a West Point graduate…running an efficient, high-quality operation is what we knew we could execute well.” Prior to this handbag, the company had only served as a direct retailer for a handful of other industry manufacturers.

womenholsters concealed carry purse gun

A Market Mover

The company advertised its first design months prior to its release, in order to gauge customer demand and accepted a limited number of pre-orders at a discounted price. The company halted less than 24 hours into the campaign due to the high number of orders.

The handbag even caught the attention of retailers not affiliated with the firearms industry, as well as luxury goods companies because of the unexpected interest it generated with consumers who were traditionally brand-loyal when it came to handbags. Jesslyn Pike, a customer whose husband pre-ordered a handbag as a gift, remarked, “I would never trust him to pick out a purse for me, but this purse is just beautiful. The quality is just beyond what I would have expected…and the price was only a fraction of what I would have paid – for a bag of far lesser quality.”

And that is what the company claims to be the secret to their success. “We worked hard to figure out how we could produce consistently high-quality products while keeping the costs down for us and to the consumer. We knew the only way to do this was to decide on only one or two designs rather than a huge collection of designs in order to drastically reduce operational and inventory constraints…[and] also to find reliable leather and material suppliers and craftsmen. Being in Texas helps a lot with that,” McCleod said.

womens holsters gun bag in pink

Product Availability

Despite solving many operational hurdles and constraints, the company is still working on shaving prices lower as well as increasing its manufacturing capabilities without sacrificing quality. “The quality of our bag is one thing we will not compromise on,” McCleod said, “…experienced leather craftsmen who can produce to the level of quality we are looking for…are simply not easy to find.”

The handbag is currently on a two-week backorder status and only sold online at Women’s Holsters at a price tag of $225.

Founded in 2015, Women’s Holsters is a 100% Veteran-owned, private company. They are an online retailer within the firearms industry servicing niche market demand, with a specialized focus on the female market segment. The company offers a wide range of products designed for the concealed carry of a firearm as well as gun safes and other related goods.

They’re available in White, Pink, and Green at

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