Liberal Calls Colin Noir a “Chimp.”

Check this out:


Colion Noir seems to get more than his fair share of hate from the anti-gun left. I guess they just can’t handle the fact that a well-educated, “hip”, young black man can also be a gun rights supporter. I guess it just breaks the thought process in their brains and leaves them with nothing but the ability to hurl insults.

Noir posted the following screenshot of a Facebook post that called him out in a decidedly racist manner. Isn’t this the kind of hate speech that the left regularly rallies against? I guess that’s only when it fits their agenda.

Isn’t it ironic? People used to call me racist for calling Obama a “Marxist Mulatto,” even though Mulatto is not a racist word at all, it’s not more racist than calling him Black, Birracial, Mestizo. In fact, the technical name of the product of a black and white couple is mulatto.

Calling someone a Chimp, however, is far worse than mulatto, Paul Misters should be ashamed of himself.


8 Responses to Liberal Calls Colin Noir a “Chimp.”

    • The most intolerant and closed minded people I have met are those who claim to be the opposite. Give me a sinner over a hypocrite any day.

    • Check the source link, the guy either works or likes an antigun group, which means he’s most likely a liberal, the blogger at guns save lives took a picture of his facebook post.

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