LA Times covers Colion Noir

LA Times covers Colion Noir

If you become famous online, the liberal media will eventually cover you.

I must say that the LA Times did a fair job, you can check the article for yourself here.,0,3571136.htmlstory

I only take issue with the following statement which belong in the editorial section.

“Perhaps Noir’s rise says more about the NRA’s acceptance of minorities than the group’s ability to woo them.”

Excuse me? Colion Noir did not become popular because he’s black, he became popular because he’s cool, authentic, funny, and absolutely brilliant, like an African-American Ann Coulter.

When I look at Colion, I don’t see color, I see a man that’s fighting for my rights. Now maybe I see color when I’m looking for a date, after all, we all have preferences, but in areas where color is unimportant, I just don’t see it.

You liberals don’t get it, you have to make everything about race. You can’t accept that an individual is doing well on his own merit, it’s either white privilege or affirmative action. See? This is why liberals are the most racist, when I like a black guy, it’s because of who he is, when they like a black guy, it’s because of his color.

Of course, there’s also a lot of racism among the blacks.

“He’s taking more heat from black people than anybody. The racism that exists now is mostly on our side,” said the Rev. Kenn Blanchard, 50, a gun rights activist who is black. He said he advised Noir to accept the NRA deal.”

Yet Mr. Noir is a man of principle, like a true conservative (or right-libertarian), he’s not trying to be popular, he’s not trying to get along with everyone, but he’s being true to his principles.

“Calling me an Uncle Tom simply because I’m into firearms, it doesn’t even make sense. My entire identity as a black guy is based on my ownership of guns? Really?” he said. “Some of the most influential black individuals have advocated for the use of firearms, so how come when I do it, I’m vilified? Take a look at the Black Panthers, MLK, Malcolm X.”

Exactly, if he’s an Uncle Tom, they’re all Uncle Toms. As a matter of fact, if you support gun control, you support the slave master, so that would make you the Uncle Tom.

Well said, Mr. Noir.

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