Kentucky trooper simulates school shooting with AK-47

Sometimes our cops are completely clueless, consider this mass shooting simulations to prepare the teachers:

Teachers learn to deal with disaster


They learned when and how to hide or run, and how to fight back if left with no choice.

Kentucky State Police experts, headed by Ashland post commander Capt. James Stephens, conducted exercises that ranged through both floors of the cavernous new school. A trooper shooting blank rounds from an AK-47 assault rifle lent a chilling note of realism.

The possibility of an armed attacker is a real threat, and without adequate preparation teachers are likely to succumb to the noise, confusion and stress, and make possibly fatal mistakes, according to Stephens, who is part of a state police team that developed a response program for schools.

The teachers moved in groups through four exercises, the most basic of which was knowing when and how to hide. That could be when already in a lockable classroom, where the best procedure would be to engage the lock, douse the lights and move students into a corner away from view of the door.


They didn’t learn how to fight back. A teacher with a gun can shoot back, locking the door is useless, you can shoot the lock, hiding doesn’t always work, the bad guy can find you. As for running away, OK, maybe you can outrun the bullet, maybe you can’t. Is there one school shooter or two?

By the way, have we ever had a school shooting  in America with an AK-47? This isn’t Pakistan where you can buy them anywhere, a black market AK-47 is likely to cost far more than what the average teen can afford. Legal owners of AK-47’s face so much ATF supervision that they’re unlikely to leave their guns in a way they could be stolen.

I thought Kentucky was a pro-gun state, give the teachers gun training and the ability to carry in school. Unrealistic shooting scenarios with unlikely weapons are a waste of time and money.


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    • I own two guns and rented a fully-automatic Uzi in a Las Vegas gun range. As for shooting a lock, no, I haven’t done it, why would I do it? I’ve seen it done in movies and YouTube. Either way, I have nothing to prove to you, my site is about self-defense and the Second Amendment, it is not a gunsmith site, or that “The Firearm Blog” which uses the tagline “Guns not politics.” My site IS political.

      • Haha you’ve seen it done in movies? Realism is absolute I’m certain. Try shooting a lock on a school room door before you presume it’s a completely useless tactic. Also, we’ve seen that these active shooters only have minutes before police intervention. If every door in a school was locked they would have much less time to kill as it would be a serious issue for the criminal to get into locked classroom after locked classroom. You’re correct in your statement that hiding doesnt always work.

        I think the point of the exercise and I dont think that it is a good one but is to help teachers learn to cope with the potential confusion and stress of an armed madman with the intent to kill and make important decisions versus complete indecision. The average citizen will freeze in fear and fail to take an action such as hiding or locking their classroom door if a real life scenario. Actually, after typing this paragraph, I actually agree with the exercise, since it was probably manufactured for this intent.

        • Doors can also be kicked and the lock can be broken. Yes, closing your door offers protection, but not much. Some home invaders have broken through doors after all.

          Moving on, who freezes during a school shooting has to do with the individual and his fight or flight response, so all the training in the world won’t be worth more until something bad happens. My brother in law practices karate, but he admits that fighting isn’t real until you’re fighting in the streets. What you do on the mat is nice, but you won’t be able to test your true abilities until you meet some thugs. It’s also the reason why a veteran soldier fights better than a rookie.

  1. If you use a breaching round than okay no sweat unless the lock is just a flimsy piece of crap.
    ” Legal owners of AK-47′s face so much ATF supervision” OH? Though I do doubt it was an “assault rifle”anything that goes bang more than once without working a bolt or lever the MSM calls an “assault rifle”. I used to take the combination locks used on gym lockers and use them for target practice with my scoped M14(7.62X51) and just end up with a blown lock that was still locked.

    • Agreed, not extremely likely that an untrained shooter has much chance blowing through locks on doors in schools. Have you seen some of these doors lately? 5.56 doesnt stand much chance (maybe an m855 round – 62 gr green tip), 7.62×39 has maybe a better chance, but you indicated your x51 wasnt having much success. I’d take my chances in a locked classroom.

  2. Also, a “black market” select fire AK would be thousands cheaper that a legal select fire AK. Probably $1-2K (illegal) versus $15-20k (legal). Also, why did you include the sentence about how much a teen can afford? Are all of these active shooters under 18? I’m not sure of the law or cant remember since I’m 28. But I think you have to be atleast 21 to buy an AR/AK. I could be wrong, that might be the age for a handgun and 18 for a long gun.

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