Kathy Griffin’s First Amendment Rights

Kathy Griffin is no friend of ours, she’s anti-gun to the core. Now that she’s being judged in the court of public opinion for beheading Donald Trump in a fake photo, it would be very easy to cast the proverbial first stone.

But I won’t, I will defend her First Amendment rights just like I defend Pastor Terry Jones, the Quran-burning pastor, who also burned Obama and Hillary in effigy. I don’t have to like the speech to defend the speaker, just like the ACLU doesn’t have to like Nazis to defend their right to speak.

Just like having a gun doesn’t make you a mass murderer, fake pictures of you beheading someone doesn’t mean you have beheaded someone, or want to behead someone, or are encouraging others to behead someone. If she had tweeted, “Kill John Doe” then that warrants an investigation, although it is unlikely it will result in an arrest.

If I dress like a confederate general for a black and white picture, that’s not stolen valor, or a declaration of war against the USA. That’s just play acting, fantasy, there are also World War II reenactors who dress like Nazis, that doesn’t make them Nazis. It’s the same reason I defend blackface parties, I don’t care if it offends people’s feelings, the first amendment doesn’t give a hoot about your feelings.

Those who claim Kathy’s speech is “incitement to violence” forget that the incitement has to be direct for it to be prosecuted, and even then, it’s not always prosecuted. When Michael Brown’s father yelled “burn this shit down” during a riot, that was a direct incitement to violence and yet he wasn’t prosecuted.

Griffin’s actions are not even close to that. As for the sedition excuse, and all the people yelling treason. Let’s not forget that not too long ago, Obama was president, and we were the ones accused of sedition and treason for protesting against Obama’s policies. Let’s just be grateful Congress didn’t allow Obama to become a tyrant like FDR or Woodrow Wilson, then I’m sure a lot of Republicans would have ended up in jail.

The fact that we survived the Obama years proves the importance of the first amendment. It was our protests, our social media, Fox News, that kept us speaking when 99% of the media was and continues to be against us.

Now that we have taken back the White House, why should we act like Democrats? Is this the way it’s going to be every 8-years? The other party gets power and suddenly everyone who disagrees is a traitor? I voted for Trump, I love Trump, I’m reading In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!, but the President is not a King who can’t be insulted, defamed, slandered, protested against, etc.

Besides, knowing Trump, he’s going to issue a response. If Hillary thought that “nasty woman” was bad, I can’t wait to her him give Kathy a piece of his mind. Kathy doesn’t need to be arrested, she needs to be insulted. Let’s create memes of Kathy being crucified, whipped, burned alive, being raped by beasts (a popular Roman attraction during gladiator games), or better yet, BEHEADED!

Don’t answer free speech with censorship, answer it with more speech! Be nastier than your enemies! Go where you’re not supposed to go! Like Obama once said, if they bring a knife, we bring a gun! If they spit on us, we piss on them.

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