Investor Activists Attack Amazon over Gun Accessories.

Amazon doesn’t sell guns, yet what they sell upsets the gun banners:

By Ross KerberBOSTON (Reuters) – Activist investors have asked Inc to review its sales of firearms accessories, concerned that the online retailer offers products that could be used to convert semi-automatic rifles into weapons that fire too rapidly to be legal.


An Amazon representative said the company does not sell guns or ammunition and cited its policies in response to other questions. The company’s website notes that some jurisdictions might restrict the sale of some products. It also says it prohibits third parties from selling on Amazon “converters that can give a gun automatic capability” and “parts or accessories related to assault weapons.”


While Amazon isn’t the most pro-gun company in the world, they are not the most anti-gun either. I like the fact that you can buy almost anything there, including books that no brick and mortar bookseller would ever touch.

Let’s just hope they listen to their CUSTOMERS and not to a bunch of a-hole activist investors. Hey Amazon, you can always find new investors, in fact, most investors are interested in MAKING MONEY, so let those fiends sell their shares, others will buy them.



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