HB 96 Makes Gun Free Zones Liable


A Missouri lawmaker is reminding property owners that if they’re anti-gun, they might as well be anti-money since they will be held responsible for deaths and injuries at their place of business.

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. Even if you can legally carry a firearm, not all businesses want you to bring one inside their place. Newly elected Missouri Representative Nick Schroer wants to hold businesses with posted “gun-free” signs accountable for any injuries as a result of a law-abiding citizen not being allowed to carry. He has introduced House Bill 96 to take up the issue in the upcoming legislative session.

While Springfield Representative Eric Burlison supports gun rights, including the second amendment–he was instrumental in getting Constitutional Carry passed in 2016–he believes this proposed legislation tramples on the rights of property owners. “I don’t think that we should get into situations like this; we don’t want to let one right completely eliminate another,” Burlison said.

HB 96 also states that “gun-free” businesses “shall assume custodial responsibility for the safety and defense of any person who is authorized to carry firearms or other arms” while they’re on the companies’ premises. Thus, if someone is injured–such as being shot or attacked by an animal–that person is entitled to sue the business for damages, loss and injury.

Though Burlison understands the sentiment behind the measure, he says the issue can be decided by where people choose to spend their dollars. “I think as a citizen I have every right to choose to shop at that location and I think that’s what’s great about America.”

The bill would not apply to people’s homes or private property that’s not used for commercial purposes.

It’s interesting that Eric Burlison claims to support gun rights yet thinks property rights is above gun rights. Let’s be clear, we’re not talking about peoples private homes or country clubs, private clubs. We’re talking about businesses open to the public. We’re not even asking for special rights, I’m not looking for gun lockers or for gun cleaning while I wait. I just want to carry my gun and exercise my rights. If a business disarms me and I get shot or killed, they are responsible, their policies created the problem and they must pay.

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