When Gun Stores Rent From Gun Haters


Colion Noir sent us an e-mail today:

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I visited my favorite gun shop. It’s my favorite because it was the one gun shop in the Houston area who took me seriously when I walked in 7 years ago and asked if I could do table top reviews of their guns and post them on my struggling YouTube channel.

Typically my visits to this shop are nostalgic and humbling. This time the air was thick with defeat. I learned that the shop was closing because the landlord was refusing to Renew the lease because he hated guns. The owner tolerated the shop initially because he needed the rent money for the mostly vacant strip center. Now that the strip center tenancy has increased substantially, the gun shop is now disposable.

Forgive my French, but I can’t stand shit like this. It’s stuff like this that cause me to want to engage in the most Machiavellian forms of 2A advocacy like using my platform to get people to boycott open and covert anti 2A businesses.

I’m not one for taking money out of people’s pockets, but apparently, many companies feel it’s better to piss off gun owners with negligible effect on their bottom line than the alternative.  In their minds, gun owners are nothing more than saber rattlers. We will cry about it, but in the end, we’ll still buy those pair of Levis. The power of the purse has always been a useful tool for inciting change, and there are over 300,000 million guns in this country. As I’m writing this I just learned my good friend has a gun and I never knew it, so the gun owners are there, but the question is, can we get enough of us to care enough to make being an anti-gun business too expensive?
Source: http://www.mrcolionnoir.com/go/pewpewlife2/


Colion raises great points. Location is everything in business, so before you sign a gun store lease, make sure the owner isn’t anti-gun. As for boycotting anti-gunners, that’s easier said than done. Corporate America has too many liberals at the helm, I can boycott Levi’s for Wranglers, but am I 100% sure that Wranglers has never said or done anything anti-gun? I’m not. You’d probably need an app that beeps every time you walk into an anti-gun business, and who knows? It might be beeping all the time.

In the meantime, if a business doesn’t have a “no guns” sign, I’m going to assume I’m welcomed.



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