Gun rights for the legally blind?

I realize that legally blind doesn’t always mean “can’t see anything.” Some blind people are able to drive a car, some can see at the movies but have to sit in the front row, and if someone is beating you up, maybe you can “see” where the hits are coming from. But would the blind be better with a knife since the range is closer? My friend Mississippi Rebel offers his perspective.

The NRA quietly deleted a video discussing gun rights for the blind from its website after facing ridicule from the liberal media.

The video pointed out that the blind should be able to exercise their Second Amendment rights just like everyone else. In it, NRA commentator Dom Raso said: “Every law-abiding blind individual should be able to have whatever guns they want. And if you disagree with that statement or you haven’t thought it all the way through, you don’t take your rights seriously enough.”

But now the NRA is trying to sweep that statement under the rug. Maybe they think that there should be exceptions in the Second Amendment? Do they think that only certain people should be allowed to have gun rights?

The truth is that the NRA cares more about its image than it does about gun rights. As soon as liberals and gun control groups start poking fun at them, they immediately back down and cover their tracks.

The NRA should stop caring so much about their image and go back to focusing on the Second Amendment.


Stalin once said Capitalist will lend us the money to buy the ropes we’ll hang them with. Maybe the NRA doesn’t want the media screaming “NRA Arms Blind People” or “NRA Arms Criminals” if they supported the restoration of gun rights for felons (they don’t).

On the other hand, should the NRA worry so much about their image when the media hates gun owners no matter what they do?  The way I see it, the NRA picks their battles, they fight to win, not to lose. They don’t want to file lawsuits that result in anti-gun rulings. Other activists organizations are the same way, nobody wants a Supreme Court decision that destroys your issue.

In the end I remain a proud NRA member because I like being part of the most powerful and effective 2nd Amendment lobby out there.  The other gun groups are nice, I respect them, I give them credit for their victories, but I happen to like the NRA.




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